Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday June 22


Short post because I'm on a computer at someone's house (one of Ali's friends, who has graciously decided to host us ALL in her very beautiful house/feed us great food).

Last night we stayed at a cool church and watched the Muppet Movie/Hercules. There was a bit of a laundry debacle that involved a very crotchety old man, thankfully my only involvement was a bit of damp clothing. This morning was up very early, pack the van (I'm on "van crew" which means I help load up everyone's bags), and eat large amounts of eggs.

Today was a pretty challenging (read: extremely painful on the legs) bike ride that included what I have decided to call The Biggest Hill In the World. Which kept going and going and going and turning so you constantly thought that it would end. Which it didn't.

More fun things include the fact that I'm pretty sure that I've consumed over 6,000 calories today and it's totally ok. I'll sleep incredibly well tonight, didn't fall today and the rain wasn't bad. I'll wrap it up now- the pictures are all from our build site.

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